The fanbase that was known as Redskins Nation needs to move forward with a new moniker. Something that unites while representing both the team and the area. Something short and simple that we can ALL rally behind. A roster is 53.

Not one, but ALL. We are the 54th!

  • Watch Parties

    Ever want to watch a game with other Commanders fans but you don't know where to go?

  • Fan Clubs

    Have a group of fans in your area that already get together to talk about and cheer on the Commanders?

  • Tailgating

    Ever go to a game and not know where to go for tailgating?

  • How about a website where you can enter your zip code to find places in YOUR area anywhere in the world where the game will be broadcast. In Dallas for an away game, or just a fan from outside the DMV? Search by zip code to find locations like restaurants and sports bars where other Commanders fans are watching to go and cheer the team on.

  • Through the web portal, fan clubs would be able to register a "Command Post". Command Posts would be issued a number to help differentiate them. These fan organizations would be searchable by zip code to help make new connections for the fans. If one isn't listed in your area, its an opportunity to start one.

  • Finding information on tailgating for both home and away games in one place making it easier to connect as a fanbase. Many clubs and groups do great work in setting up and running tailgates. This would highlight those efforts.

About the Logo

  • Inspired by challenge coins
  • Center of the logo contains the 54th and the DC skyline
  • Inner ring includes 21 stars in memory of a player lost too soon
  • Outer ring has the motto, and 3 stripes on each side representing the rank of Commander